Young Kids

For a long time I used to be the youngest mascot in the back seat of a party car but now I’m not that young anymore
And now I see kids everywhere younger like 5 10 years or even 15 years
They’re all really sweet smart and full of everything, and if I be nice to them they be nice to me and go other places to be nice to other kids too

And sometimes I feel
Adults from my childhood you guys all
sucked why would you mock me slap me hurt me touch me and make me feel miserable and useless
Why would you call me whore and make me do whore things Why would you threaten to kill me and make me want to kill myself
What if I also become that kind of adult and mock slap hurt touch sweet smart kids who are full of everything

You guys all sucked and will be shortly joining the others in hell


이주연은 사회적 고립, 국경을 넘는 친밀감, 노동 불안정, 기술 발전, 산업 독성학과 몸 정치학 등을 포괄한 광범위한 리서치와 인터뷰를 바탕으로, 분석적이면서도 시적인 논픽션 무빙 이미지를 연출한다.

Jooyeon Lee works with analytical yet poetic non-fiction moving image with expansive research and interviews to capture urban alienation, intimacy across borders, labour precarity, technological progress, industrial toxicology and body politics.