Most things that close up the other things in the world are either a zipper or a clasp. But ribbons still stay on our shoes, nowhere else on our bodies.

Necktie: Conventional, simple, like well-earning men (the knot will get tighter as the wearer gets richer and fatter)
Bra clasps: Invention of 20th century Fordism (can you imagine hooking up with a girl you just met, and she’s wearing a medieval corset?)
Belt buckles: Way too masculine and violent (vaguely hinting at patriarchal beating!)

That’s why doing other people's shoes is so flirtatious
The last raw intimacy in the human body, it’s a promise
of protection
Kids take years off their early lives to learn how to tie ribbons (not easy at all)
But only with a thumb and an index finger, they go undone

I’d ask
Would you tie my shoelaces?
I don’t remember you ever tying them for me

Now I’m twenty-nine years old and chose to wear shoes with no laces quite a while ago

이주연은 사회적 고립, 국경을 넘는 친밀감, 노동 불안정, 기술 발전, 산업 독성학과 몸 정치학 등을 포괄한 광범위한 리서치와 인터뷰를 바탕으로, 분석적이면서도 시적인 논픽션 무빙 이미지를 연출한다.

Jooyeon Lee works with analytical yet poetic non-fiction moving image with expansive research and interviews to capture urban alienation, intimacy across borders, labour precarity, technological progress, industrial toxicology and body politics.