Hey do you wanna go in together? Yeah? Thanks I was almost driving meself crazy. What’s yer name? What? Mine’s Kathleen. Are you here alone? You are? I’m not. I dunno. Do I like the music here? Well I’m here because of the DJ outside. He’s name is Benjy. I dunno a lot about music. I think he’s playing something like house. I dunno anyone else here. Is he me boyfriend? Well that’s complicated. Why it’s complicated? Oh it’s complicated. See we’ve been seeing each other for months now but I’m not sure if we’re properly dating or not. Yes we are sleeping together. But I’m not sure what else we are doing. You got someone like that? Not anymore? Why are we not properly dating? Maybe I’m not that pretty? Do you really think I’m pretty? I wanted to know his intention so I’ve been talking to his flatmate Joshua. If he’s interested in having me as a girlfriend. Joshua told me that he’s not that kinda guy. That I’m too good for him. That I should save meself. Joshua is the one who’s in the band on the BBC 6 poster. Yeah the festival on the weekend. Aren’t you here for that festival? Well yes Joshua and Benjy live together so Joshua should know him the best. If they’re living together they should know each other very well. I just wished him to say something different. It’s not the answer I wanted. Wait don’t go now. Do you want some? It’s really clean. I got it from Benjy. I just need to cut it. I dunno how to cut it though. Do you have something to cut? Like a key? You can’t find your key? Where is your key? Where are you going? Wait what’s yer name?

Kathleen you are the prettiest girl in Manchester don’t be so cross Kathleen


이주연은 사회적 고립, 국경을 넘는 친밀감, 노동 불안정, 기술 발전, 산업 독성학과 몸 정치학 등을 포괄한 광범위한 리서치와 인터뷰를 바탕으로, 분석적이면서도 시적인 논픽션 무빙 이미지를 연출한다.

Jooyeon Lee works with analytical yet poetic non-fiction moving image with expansive research and interviews to capture urban alienation, intimacy across borders, labour precarity, technological progress, industrial toxicology and body politics.